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We are really proud to be reducing our use of plastic. 

*Compared to Allen’s lollies packaging in 2022, we will now be using approximately 58 tonnes less plastic in our lolly bags across the range over a year, which equates to a 21% reduction. This has been calculated using the total plastic in Allen’s lolly bags manufactured in 2022.


We have reduced the thickness of most of our Allen’s lolly bags^, but there has been no change to the taste or amount of your favourite lollies inside our bags!


We want to reduce the amount of virgin plastic we are using on as many Allen’s bags as possible, as fast as possible. 

Reducing the thickness of our packaging is part of the goal we set in 2018 to reduce our virgin plastic by a third by 2025.

^We have reduced the plastic in our Allen’s lollies bags for these products, compared to 2022: Snakes Alive 200g, Snakes Alive 287g, Snakes Alive 405g, Snakes Alive 470g, Snakes Alive 1kg, Snakes Alive 1.3kg, Party Mix 190g, 280g, Party Mix 420g, Party Mix 470g, Party Mix 1.3kg, Killer Pythons 192g, Killer Pythons 288g, Killer Pythons 454g, Killer Pythons 1kg, Retro Party Mix 190g, Retro Party Mix 470g, Classic Party Mix 420g, Classic, Party Mix 470g, Minties 335g, Chew Mix 335g, Chew Mix 375g, Frogs Alive 190g, Frogs Alive 280g, Big Red Frogs 420g, Big Red Frogs 465g, Big Red Frogs 1.3kg, Strawberries & Cream 190g, Strawberries & Cream 1.3kg, Jelly Beans 190g, Jelly Beans 1kg, Pineapples 170g, Pineapples 1.3kg, Ripe Raspberries 190g, Ripe Raspberries 1.3kg, Cheekies 190g, Cheekies 1.3kg, Mad About Teeth 170g, Black Cats 170g, Party Dawgs 170g, Berry Snakes Alive 170g, Big Aussie Roadtrip 170g, Sherbies 200g. The plastic in our lolly bags for these products has not been reduced: Party Mix 1kg, Retro party Mix 1kg, Minties 150g, Minties, 375g, Minties 1kg, Frogs Alive 64g, Kool Mints 140g, Sherbies 850g, Milko Chews 800g, Chew Mix 830g