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Allen's Minties 1kg

1 kg
Allen's Minties are an old-time classic mint that leave you saying
“ahh” – not just because they’re nostalgic, but because they’re refreshing, chewy, and minty. Want a challenge? Tear along the edges of an open wrapper to make the longest Minties strip… we dare you!
  • Perfect for the office, filling your lolly jar or parties. 
  • Allen's has been a little bit of fun since 1891.
  • Minties contain no artificial colours so are great for sharing with family and friends.
  • 3 Minties = 1 Portion
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    Glucose Syrup (From Corn), Cane Sugar, Gelatine, Peppermint Oil, Vegetable Oils. No Artificial Colours. May Contain Egg.


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    Keep your lollies safe! Store me cool & dry.

    Know Your Portions

    3 Minties = 1 Portion

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